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Event User Time Bet Amount Multiplier Payout
Dark Unit Hidden 6:35 PM 1160.00000000icon 1.29x 5.21799995icon
Fire Anchor Hidden 6:40 PM 1.49442475icon 4.37x 5.81928997icon
Free Bett Hidden 6:45 PM 0.49229199icon 2.99x 1.19862398icon
Gates of Bet Hidden 6:47 PM 1.60830003icon 3.89x 5.25914109icon
Party Fruits Hidden 6:49 PM 0.23452726icon 2.43x 1.02535320icon
icon No Active Bets Start Betting Now!
Rank User Odds Prize
icon Fire Anchor $16,370,033.42icon $25,000.00icon
icon Dark Unit $16,370,033.42icon $25,000.00icon
icon Party Fruits $16,370,033.42icon $25,000.00icon
4th Free Bett $16,370,033.42icon $25,000.00icon
5th Gates of Bet $16,370,033.42icon $25,000.00icon

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